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Shelley Stone


Shelley has been a home and investment lender for over 10 years and comes from a diverse background, also being a qualified Paediatric Registered Nurse.

Shelley works with all different types of people and has clients from business owners to PAYG employees.

She has built strong connections through relationships with real estate agents, lawyers and accountants within Canberra, ACT where she is based.

Shelley assists clients who are first home buyers, ensuring they are educated and understand the end-to-end process of making their first property purchase.

Shelley specialises in investment purchases, making sure that client’s properties are structured correctly to ensure the best outcome for their investment purchase and the equity gained.

Shelley also has many years’ experiences in construction and guarantor loans.

If you feel like you are not getting the best deal from your current lender, reach out to Shelley who can provide options for refinancing to ensure best rates and products.

In her spare time, she completes shifts to help in the local hospital, raises two boys who are very active and loves to go to the gym.

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