Apply for a Loan

We’ve prepared an electronic loan application form to save you time. The form allows you to save you progress and come back at a later date if you need to provide more information.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculating Stamp Duty is one of those necessary steps you need to deal with when making a purchase. Our calculator provides an estimate of what this fee would be based on your purchase price and location.

Broker Credit Guide

As a compliant provider, we supply our clients with a copy of our Broker Credit Guide so that you can review the legal obligations that exist when using our services.

Currency Converter

At times, clients will want to purchase something using foreign currency. To keep things simple, we provide a currency converter to help you with this process.

Repayment Calculator

Our clients like to be able to get a feel for what their repayments might look like if they were to take a loan. We provide a calculator that gives a basic indication of what this might look like.

Client Checklist

When purchasing a property, you want to keep track of what you need to do. We’ve compiled a simple checklist to help you with this process.