Debtor finance is a financing package that will improve your current cash flow by providing an immediate supply of cash into your business against outstanding invoices. Each time you raise an invoice our lenders will release up to around 90% of its value within 24 hours, with the remaining 10% being paid to you for a service fee, which after that your lender will receive payment your customer sends.

The biggest advantage of debtor finance is that your business will not run out of cash and so can continue to grow and in addition to the amount which is financing you. Another big advantage of debtor financing is the fact that it saves businesses lots of management time since lenders can prepare and also send statements, call customers and collect payments on your behalf in addition to maintaining a detailed account of every transaction.

The payments you wish you make can be done via a special bank account. Everybody has just 24 hours to access their account and the reporting via the lender’s website.

Our debtor finance package helps to improve the way your business runs hence increasing profitability by also taking advantage of early settlement and volume discounts. You can also free up your real estate security from things like your family home so that it can be reinvested.