Referral: The act of submitting a prospective customer’s details to Port Finance.
Referrer: An existing Port Finance customer who submits a sales prospect to Port Finance.
Friend: The new prospect whose details are submitted by the referrer.
The program: Port Finance Referral Program.


  1. By participating in the program you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the program.
  2. There is no limit per person on the accumulated amount of monetary rewards received by any one participant from referrals submitted through the program.
  3. Referrers may submit as many referrals as they choose.
  4. Only if the referred party successfully obtains a loan using Port Finance as a broker will the referral reward be forwarded to the referrer.
  5. The reward for a successful referral is a $100 Prezzee Gift Card. The Prezzee Gift Card will be emailed out to the address provided.
  6. The referral reward will be processed by the end of the month following the successful loan.
  7. In order to be considered an eligible referral, the friend must fill out the form provided by the referrer and then be successful in taking out a loan using Port Finance as their broker.
  8. In the case where multiple referrers refer the same friend, the reward will be paid to the referrer whose unique link was used by the friend.
  9. You can only become an eligible referrer by being on the Port Finance database.
  10. Referrals are invalid where the referrer and the friend are the same person.
  11. Once the referral is made, Port Finance will make contact with the friend as soon as is reasonably possible. Contact will be made by email and/or phone as provided by the friend.
  12. Port Finance will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (included, but not limited to, indirect or consequential loss) or any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with redeeming the prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  13. The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time without notice. This program may be terminated at Port Finance’s discretion.
  14. If, for any reason, the program is not able to be run as planned, including computer virus, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures, vandalism, power failures, natural disasters or any other cause beyond the control of Port Finance, which affects the administration, security and integrity of this program, then Port Finance reserves the right to cancel, modify or postpone the promotion.
  15. This program is intended for clients of Port Finance to refer new clients for the provision of Port Finance’s services. Any practices which deviate from the spirit of this program will be deemed ineligible for reward at Port Finance’s discretion. Such practices include, but are not limited to, third-party lead brokering entities (or similar) utilising the program for referring clients to Port Finance which do not have a bona fide referral connection with an existing Port Finance client. This Program, including the distribution of Gift Cards, is managed by Port Finance Group as the promoter and is in no way endorsed or supported by Prezzee. All enquiries relating to this program are to be addressed to Port Finance Group.